Events with tag “Lobbying”

Mar, 18 1:00 PM CET
Visionary Stage

Co-Creation of Policy Agenda Instead of Old-Fashioned Lobbying

In the interview with Tamara Bullock, who has more than 20 years of international experience as a GR professional, we are going to talk about:

  • The best ways to advance corporate interests with government stakeholders in an increasingly digitized environment;
  • Key tools to win the support of industry stakeholders and to collaborate with competitors;
  • Case studies in building effective partnerships with governments in co-creating the policy agenda.

Tamara Bullock Public Affairs Director EMEA at TetraPak
Mar, 19 11:00 AM CET
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Lobbying Legislation Across CEE: How to Accelerate Pace Towards Brussels Standards?

  • To what extent is lobbying still considered to be lobbying? Should it be regulated across CEE?
  • What shall be done to enhance transparency and safeguard integrity?
  • Is there any room for international, intergovernmental coordination to foster the process in some countries?

Henryk Kwapisz Public Affairs Director at Saint-Gobain Poland
Iulian Groza Executive Director at Institute for European Policies and Reforms
Iga Wilczyńska Director and Head of Public Affairs department at Grayling Poland 
Václav Nekvapil Managing Partner at CEC Group
Wes Himes President of SEAP