Co-Creation of Policy Agenda Instead of Old-Fashioned Lobbying

March 18, 2021 1:00 PM CET BACK TO HOME

Among the most conservative professions in the corporate world, GR and lobbying are now facing one of the biggest transformations in history. With increasingly digitized communications channels, including those with policy-makers, companies need to transform their approaches.

Traditional lobbying has been the standard way of advancing corporate interests in public policy. The main objective of lobbying activity has been to convince decision-makers through persuasion, argumentation, research and coalition-building to approve favorable legislation.

With policy transparency increasingly exposed to social media, companies using the familiar approaches could risk unprecedented damage to their corporate reputation. Changing conditions are forcing them to initiate any policy shift by engaging in in-depth dialog with all public stakeholders, community members and government decision-makers.

In the interview with Tamara Bullock, who has more than 20 years of international experience as a GR professional, we are going to talk about:

Tamara Bullock Public Affairs Director EMEA at TetraPak