Nadiya BilousNadiya Bilous

Head of Legal and External Affairs; Board member at British American Tobacco Ukraine

British American Tobacco Ukraine

Nadiya Bilous is a Board Member of British American Tobacco Ukraine, responsible for Legal and External Affairs, which includes Government Relations, communication, governance and compliance, security management and anti-illicit trade strategy. Nadiya has joined British American Tobacco eighteen years ago after public service with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, as well as legal firms experience. Nadiya is coming from a cohort lawyers with the background of International Law and International Relations, where Master in International Law received in Institute of International Relations.
Nadiya has also lived and studied in the United States, worked in the Eastern European markets, has been finalizing Women Leadership Programs with INSEAD and London School of Economics.

Nadiya’s professional experience and her career from public sector via external consulting to the Board Member of the biggest British investment company in Ukraine and one of the biggest private tax payers, gives the perspective of the regulatory development framework and its dependencies with the executions of the corporate strategy and business approach. Nadiya is leading a large team of both Government Relations and Legal experts team, and has the experience in connecting the dots between these two spheres.

Nadiya also possesses a multi-cultural management experience, as during last four years she was responsible for legal and external relations strategy for twelve markets of Central Asia, Caucasus, Belarus and Mongolia, which outlines the enrichment of her vision.
Nadiya has been a keynote speaker at various forums and conferences, including Global Brand Protection Forums, International Bar Associations etc.
Nadiya is also a proud participant of the Ukrainian House in Davos, where she was representing business community and bringing new perspectives to the discussions therein.

Nadiya’s hobbies include, but not limited to travelling, reading, psychology, mountain ski, running.

Takes part in

Mar, 18 3:00 PM CET
Visionary Stage

The Art of GR. Building Effective Business-Government Relations

In this interview with Nadiya Bilous, Director of GR at BAT Ukraine, we will touch upon:

  • The challenges that GR teams at tobacco companies face;
  • Increasing restrictions on business that companies in this sector have to deal with;
  • Coalition-building, advocacy and other GR tools professionals are using to advance corporate interests;
  • Challenges facing regional GR team management under COVID-19.

Nadiya Bilous Head of Legal and External Affairs; Board member at British American Tobacco Ukraine